Personally Selected Mexican Microbreweries Catered Every Week

 - Jul 7, 2016
References: facebook
As microbreweries have taken the beer world by storm, it's getting more and more difficult to get a taste of all the great suds on the market, which is why Mexican start-up 'Hoxton' is venturing to share products from Mexican microbreweries with Guadalajaran drinkers. The thrust of the company is simple: each Friday morning at 11, Hoxton delivers a new, discerningly chosen batch of ale (or lager, or stout or any other beer) from one of the many Mexican microbreweries across the country.

Hoxton's primary focus is to deliver to offices (rather than private homes), knowing that today's Millennial workforce tends to be more accommodating towards a Friday brew than offices of the past. While Friday morning might be slightly early to get a drink on, Hoxton chose the morning so that offices can let the beers cool before imbibing.

After all, a nice cold beer is pretty pleasant, especially during a Guadalajaran summer.