Verona Collection Sells Modest Clothes with a Western Feel

Earlier this year, the popular online retailer Verona Collection opened up its first brick-and-mortar location in Orlando, Florida. While there are a number of online marketplaces for finding faith-based clothing, there are few physical storefronts catering to consumers looking for modest garments. Instead of sifting through the racks at traditional clothing stores, Verona Collection gives women a convenient place to shop for modest outfits.

The new Verona Collection store is one of the few Muslim women's clothing stores to open in a mainstream US mall. Like the online shop, the new store sells modest clothing with a distinct Western feel. The more contemporary designs are meant to appeal to both Muslim and non-Muslim consumers who are looking for modest pieces that are still fashion-forward. As brand director Nadine Abu-Jubara explains, "We don't want to be a Muslim company that just caters to Muslims. Modest fashion is also a movement we're trying to create."