'Blossom & Bean' Sells Halal Marshmallows and Gummy Candy

 - Jul 11, 2016
References: blossomandbean & thestar
'Blossom & Bean' is a halal confectionery shop that caters to Muslim consumers in the Toronto area. For practicing Muslims, gummy candy and marshmallows are inedible because of the pork-based gelatin used to make the sweet treats. This Ontario-based shop caters to Muslim consumers with a sweet tooth by selling halal candy and other confectionery products.

Blossom & Bean's flagship store is located in Markahm, Ontario, which is just outside the city of Toronto. The shop primarily sells candy, marshmallows and other food products that are halal certified. The gummy candy is made in Turkey from halal-certified beef gelatin, while the marshmallows are made from fish gelatin. As a result, practicing Muslims can enjoy everything from sour keys to s'mores without worrying about the ingredients or manufacturing process used to make the candy.

The halal confectionery shop caters to a growing number of Muslim consumers who are looking for ways to enjoy a wider variety of food products.