The 'Chameleon Series' Clock Features a Changing Clock Face

 - Jul 12, 2016
References: qoowl & facebook
The new 'Chameleon Series' Clock, by Wisse Trooster for qoowl is a main feature in the Chameleon Series that is sure to be the perfect timepiece addition to anyone's home. Like the animal that inspired its name, the Chameleon clock reflects its atmosphere. The reflective surface of the clock face reflects the space in which it is hung, such as someone's living room.

The clock face changes color if someone passes by -- from sky blue blue to purple. The color of the clock face also changes as the sun passes by a window in the room or if a light is turned on. If seen from certain angles, the Chameleon Series clock even appears to disappear into its background, with only the clock hands being noticeable. The Chameleon series will also include wall lamps and a pendant.