The 'Shots on Stone' are Prints Developed on Stone Tiles in a Darkroom

 - Jul 10, 2016
References: shotsonstone
These days, the average consumer spends more and more of their lives staring at photos on their smartphone and laptop screens. That's all well and good, but 'Shots on Stone' is trying to break that tendency by encouraging people to get their favorite memories off hard drives and instead printed on stone tiles.

The process for creating each Shot on Stone piece harks back to those good old analog photographic days. The stones are developed on the surface of stones using a traditional darkroom technique. But don't worry, if you like the idea of having one of your Instagram snaps printed in this way, Shots on Stone can easily be developed from digital pics too.

The stones are currently being offered via a Kickstarter campaign, in which you can pick between certain fixed designs or have one of your own shots printed using the technique.