Toilet Foot Helps Prevent the Spread of Germs

 - Jul 7, 2016
References: toiletfoot & gizmag
Germaphobes will love the Toilet Foot, a foot-activated toilet flusher that limits the contact people make with their toilets. But even beyond those with an irrational fear of germs -- or toilets, for that matter -- Toilet Foot offers an elegantly simple, easily installed solution to the spread of bacteria in the bathroom and around the house.

The inner workings of this toilet flusher are ingeniously simple: the Toilet Foot easily attaches to the valve at the bottom of a toilet tank, and a tube runs out from the tank to its step-on pump. When the pump is activated, it blows up a small balloon in the tank, causing the valve to float upwards and the toilet to flush.

The toilet flusher can be one of the most germ-laden parts of a bathroom. Using a Toilet Foot in home bathroom thus limits the spread of potentially harmful germs.