'Onformative' Created a Sphere Sculpture That Reacts to Light & Sound

 - Nov 11, 2015
References: onformative & beautifuldecay
Berlin-based digital art and design studio 'Onformative' created this unique light and sound-immersing sculpture called 'ANIMA iki.'

This massive suspended orb resembles an over-sized marble. Spanning about two meters, the orb will react to light and sounds that it is exposed to. The shimmering ball is hung from the ceiling and it rotates as it changes color depending on the environmental influences.

Onformative describes the artistic installation as an "immersive experience of light and sound." The orb hangs in the center of a dark room and is illuminated through the use of a graphic projector. The orb alters its own colors based on the kinetic movement in the room. This allows the experience to vary between each every guest who enters the room.