This Augmented Reality Book Requires No Apps or Special Glasses to Use

 - Feb 24, 2016
References: instructables & psfk
Creative studio 'Convivial' recently released a tutorial for making an augmented reality book that can be viewed without apps or special glasses. While new technology has made augmented reality infinitely more accessible, there is still a physical barrier between the real and unreal. Now users can experience augmented reality in real life in the form of a interactive book.

Convivial's DIY tutorial reveals how to build an augmented reality book by using a projector and a Kinect 360. The tutorial allows users to create 3D elements that can be viewed without the need for apps or special glasses. The shapes can even be manipulated and transformed by the user. Although the instructions for making the book are clear, there is heavy coding required in order to facilitate the tracking and augmentation of the elements.

While the project is somewhat complex, the tutorial demonstrates how users can bring augmented reality to life in their own home.