The 'Pocket VR' with CandyShell Grip Made Its Debut at CES 2016

'Speck' recently debuted a new product called the 'Pocket VR' at CES 2016. As VR technology becomes more accessible to consumers, a number of companies have rushed to offer affordable headset options. The latest VR viewer available to consumers features a highly convenient collapsible design.

The Pocket VR viewer is a compact headset that comes with Speck’s military-grade CandyShell Grip case. The viewer itself features two high-quality lenses that fold open to give viewers a window for watching VR content. The edges of the viewer easily clip into the phone case and the collapsible design helps to prevent any damage when not in use. The viewer is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Apple’s iPhone 6 or 6S. The headset it also Google Cardboard-certified, meaning it will work with a wide variety of VR games that are already available to consumers.

With its durable design and affordable price point, the Pocket VR with CandyShell Grip is perfect for those who are interested in experimenting with VR technology.