The 'Dream Flower' Vase Made Its Debut at CES 2016

 - Jan 9, 2016
References: wulian-malaysia & prnewswire
The 'Dream Flower' is a smart, multi-functional vase that can be used for more than just displaying freshly picked flowers. Unlike a traditional planter, this vase is equipped with high-tech features that range from CO2 monitoring to WiFi connectivity.

The Dream Flower is a multi-functional vase produced by 'Wulian.' Although it may look like a simple flower pot, the device actually doubles as a smart home hub, a gateway and a powerful WiFi router. These capabilities enable users to control their mobile devices, adjust their home's temperature and even turn on different appliances. In addition, the vase is also equipped with safety features such as a air quality monitor for PM2.5 detection and an LED display that reveals CO2 levels.

The Dream Flower vase functions as a sleek and stylish option for consumers looking for a connected home hub.