The Vibes Wearable Promises to Teach Musical Intervals and Keys

 - May 1, 2017
References: vibes-science & wareable
The Vibes wearable is a new tool to help budding musicians improve their technical abilities. Created in conjunction with the latest neuroscience surrounding music, the system includes both a wearable device (called the Vibes wearable) and a mobile app to give people easy and effective ear training.

In musical parlance, ear training is the practice of being able to hear the intervals between notes, the notes that make up chords, and — at the most advanced level — being able to hear the keys of songs themselves (commonly known as perfect pitch). Traditional ear training involves sitting at a piano and playing random notes while the student tries to intuit the intervals between them. The Vibes wearable and app plays notes, but the wearable also vibrates at different frequencies to give these notes a tactile association.