'AMPSound' Plays Music and Takes Calls While Doubling as a Hearing Amplifier

 - Jul 21, 2016
References: indiegogo & digitaltrends
Worried parents have often warned that listening to loud music with headphones can ruin one's hearing, but the AMPSound ear buds take that notion in the opposite direction by providing a device that both plays music and acts as a sound amplifier for hearing-impaired consumers. The AMPSound ear buds by Jabees are currently in the funding stage, and they would be a boon to the hearing-impaired community if they succeed.

As Bluetooth headphones, the product provides high-quality sound for music and phone calls. However, their real benefit comes in their ability to amplify incoming sound. The AMPSound ear buds come with 16 levels of sound intensity that can easily be adjusted by way of a connected power pack. The power pack's 3000 mAh capacity purportedly provides "at least 21 cycles of charging" and has a USB port so that consumers can charge their smartphones along with the AMPSound ear buds.