Beoplay H5 Wireless Earphones Use a Single Cable to Allow For Movement

 - Jul 6, 2016
References: beoplay & thegadgetflow
The Beoplay H5 wireless mobile headphones are designed to offer the best of both Bluetooth and cord design in one seamless accessory that allows for functionality and, most importantly, movement. The headphones are connected using a singular cable that links at the back of the neck rather than the front. This allows wearers to listen without feeling blocked or restricted by the cords.

The main feature of the Beoplay H5 headphones is the cable cord, that is specifically designed to adapt in shape to the wearer's movements. The cord is made out of a plush material as to not pull at the hair or the skin of the consumer while sitting against their neck.

The Beoplay H5 headphones would be ideal to wear during physical activity, bike riding or commuting.