This Recipe for Healthy Cocoa Puffs is Packed with Protein

While chocolate cereals like Cocoa Puffs are a household name, this candy-infused breakfast recipe allows consumers to create their own version of the meal at home. Packed with beneficial nutrients, this chocolate cereal is made with a variety of superfood ingredients.

Veggie by Candlelight's recipe for Healthy Cocoa Puffs utilizes nutritious ingredients such as coconut oil, oat flour and chocolate protein powder. This chocolate cereal is far healthier than store-bought options due to its sugar-free ingredient list. To make this cereal sweet, Veggie by Candlelight suggests a blend of honey and vanilla natural sweeteners.

These chocolate cereal puffs are made with minimal ingredients and require a quick prep time. The recipe is one most cooks can try no matter their skill level in the kitchen.