Seven Sisters Scone's Mini Sconewiches are Savory Lunch Snacks

Scones come in both sweet and savory flavors at many bakeries, and Seven Sisters Scone's signature Mini Sconewiches side squarely with the savory camp. Not only are the scones in the Atlanta bakery's creation savory, but they come in two halves with meats in the middle — a scone-based sandwich (whence the portmanteau of the name.)

The Mini Sconewiches are small individually. Costing little more than a high-end coffee, a single Mini Sconewich is an ideal snack to take on the go. However, if consumers are looking for a more complete meal, they can opt for a tasting combo of three Mini Sconewiches made with different meats and scone buns.

The creative sandwiches come with any of Seven Sisters Scones' savory mini scones and a deli meat like roast beef, turkey, ham, or Caprese.