The Low & Slow Milk Range is Made Using a Slow Pasteurization Method

 - Apr 9, 2016
References: toplinemilk & foodbev
California-based Top Line Milk Company is producing a line of old-fashioned milk called 'Low & Slow.' While many consumers have been swapping cow's milk for nut milk, there is still a demand for traditional dairy products. This line of small-batch milk simplifies the production process for a more natural dairy product.

The Low & Slow range consists of whole milk that is naturally produced using a slower pasteurization method. This involves heating the milk to 145 degrees in insulated vat pasteurizers. This process takes longer than traditional milk production, but it ensures that all of the natural, nutritional qualities of farm-fresh milk are retained. The company then skips the homogenization process, to produce old-fashioned, cream-top milk, which natural separates when left to sit.

The Low & Slow range is not only designed to taste better than other milk products, but it give consumers a more natural option when it comes to buying cow's milk.