From Protein-Enriched Waters to Maple-Flavored Coffee Drinks

 - May 20, 2016
With summer just around the corner, the May 2016 beverage trends reveal a clear emphasis on cold drinks. Not only is there a demand for unique ingredients and unexpected flavor combinations, but consumers have also begun looking for functional drinks that do more than just hydrate.

In terms of restaurant-crafted beverages, the May 2016 beverage trends reveal a continued demand for new and exciting flavors. This is particularly true when it comes to blended coffee beverages, which are now being infused with ingredients such as maple syrup, Oreo cookies and even cantaloupe juice.

However, when it comes to ready-to-drink beverages, consumers are shifting their attention towards functional drinks. For example, there are a number of drinks that provide a nutritional boost, such as protein-enriched waters and probiotic flaxseed milks. There are also drinks that promise more unusual benefits, such as cherry-based juices that promote sleep and botanical beverages that support healthy skin.