Starbucks Japan is Now Serving a Refreshing Cantaloupe Drink

 - Apr 13, 2016
References: & en.rocketnews24
In Japan, Starbucks is now serving a refreshing new cantaloupe drink for the spring season. The Cantaloupe Melon and Cream Frappuccino is made with flavorful ingredients like real cantaloupe juice and melon pieces and milk-flavored panna cotta cream. The entire drink is topped off with a generous serving os whipped cream, which further enhances the textures of the creamy cantaloupe drink.

The drink boasts a color that's just like the orange-colored summer melon and as such, Starbucks Japan has advertised that drinking this beverage is just like eating real slices of cantaloupe.

In the past, Starbucks Japan has experimented with a wide variety of unusual flavors, including lemon lattes, fruity yogurt frappuccinos and sakura mochas. Like many of these limited-time seasonal flavors, the Cantaloupe Melon and Cream Frappuccino will only be offered for a short while in the spring.