La Maripili is Reinventing the Churro with Chorizo and Tomatoes

 - Apr 14, 2017
References: instagram
While most Spanish donut desserts are designed to be paired with cinnamon sugar, chocolate or fresh fruits, La Maripili sets itself apart by serving savory churros.

Rather than serving these deep-fried dough sticks upright as most do, this reinterpreted churro dish is served on its side in a manner that reminds of a hot dog. With a slice lengthwise across the churro, there is space for it to be filled with savory ingredients such as jamón serrano, baked cherry tomatoes and Spanish chorizo that's topped with a drizzle of honey.

Although the churro is typically thought of as being a sweet Spanish dessert, its dough is versatile enough to be used as a satisfying base for savory dishes as well, as La Maripili aptly proves.