Sommer House Organic Granola is Packed with Wholesome Ingredients

 - Feb 5, 2016
References: projectmplus & lovelypackage
With the health movement in full swing, products traditionally associated with a more natural way of life are receiving a more upscale rebranding as seen with Sommer House Organic Granola.

Instead of being bagged or packaged in a flexible case, the granola is contained in a jar, which helps to increase the appeal by calling to mind the rustic aesthetic of homemade goods.

Packed with ingredients like pistachios, cherries and coconut oil, Sommer House Organic Granola is the work of Jennifer Sommer who originally titled the product 'Obsessed Granola.' The packaging design for the granola is the world of Project M+, which helps to increase the aesthetic appeal to consumers by focusing on simplicity and nostalgia: two ideas of high importance to modern consumers.