Chicken Charlie's Created a Deep-Fried Food Dish with Frank's RedHot Sauce

 - Sep 7, 2016
References: foodbeast
Hot sauce is often used to add extra flavor to a number of deep-fried dishes, but it is the basis for this deep-fried food dish from this year's LA County Fair.

The creation from Chicken Charlie's is made from a combination of Frank's RedHot Sauce and batter, which gives the mixture enough substance to be formed into balls and dropped into the deep fryer. Once formed, the Deep-Fried Hot Sauce balls are served with a side of spicy ranch and a piquant jalapeño pepper.

While deep-fried foods often make consumers think of a coating that surrounds a solid food item, in recent years, there have been a number of deep-fried treats made with liquid substances, including Kool-Aid, Pepsi, sweet tea and coffee as a base.