Stateside Treat Emporium's American Chocolates Embrace Classic Flavors

Stateside Treat Emporium's 'Stateside Selection 8' includes a range of American chocolates that are inspired by the iconic flavors of key lime pie, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, ice cream floats and other all-American classics.

The eight-piece set offers bite-sized chocolate squares in a range of milk, white and dark chocolate, each of which boasts a playful wrapper design that illustrates the flavors of the unique confection inside. One of the most unusual versions is the Maple Bacon Pancake chocolate, which boasts the flavors of maple, bacon and butterscotch in milk and white chocolate.

As well as selling its best-selling chocolate bar flavors in a gift box set, Stateside Treat Emporium also offers full-sized versions of its American-inspired chocolate bars.