Grace Helbig's National Hot Dog Day Look is Inspired by Drag Queen Makeup

 - Jul 15, 2016
In honor of National Hot Dog Day today, YouTuber and comedian Grace Helbig created an unusual look inspired by drag queen makeup. The Internet personality and former star of The Grace Helbig Show on E! noted the makeup tutorial combines two of her interests at the moment: the artistry of drag makeup and the hilarity of hot dogs as a food item. The end result is not a particularly wearable one, but certainly one that will get some laughs.

Using red lip liner, gel or liquid eye liner, brown eye shadow and a glittery yellow lip product, you can draw hot dogs over your eyes and lips like Grace. The base is more in line with drag queen makeup, with full coverage foundation, glued down eyebrows and bold contouring. Fake eyelashes also add a dramatic touch.

This video demonstrates how popular topics online can be combined in a refreshing and entertaining way.