Jules Perron's Project Cleverly Situates Pokémon Monsters in Nature

 - Sep 7, 2016
References: notey & fubiz.net
Jules Perron, a creative who's based in France, recently lensed an anime photography series that showcases some of the most popular Pokémon monsters in reality -- showing their cartoon appearances contrasted with natural settings.

Throughout the majority, he considers places where the monsters might go to hide, camouflaging them in scenes that are similar in color to that of their skin. With this, he imagines what it would look like if the world were truly invaded by Pokémon -- playing on the current obsession with the franchise's augmented reality game.

Considering this, it's likely that Jules Perron's anime photography series is best appreciated by those who are fans of Pokémon GO as the images aim to take the game's experience to the next level.