Alessio F Flips Iconic Brands and Objects to Convey a Comical Message

 - Jun 29, 2016
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Alessio F is a graphic designer based in London. His artwork takes well-known objects and brand names and reinterprets them to give them a comedic meaning.

Many of his pieces work by taking expectations and flipping them to exaggerate a literal meaning. An example of this would be the a computer mouse, which Alessio F shows as a rodent with a long cable for a tail. Other images show the Heinz ketchup as a bottle of nail polish, a sharp-pointed cactus as a hairbrush, the Snickers chocolate brand reimagined as a sneaker style and the Statue of Liberty holding up a glass of red wine.

Though his work is primarily comical, Alessio F makes lighthearted political statements as well. This is shown by transforming the iconic Ronald McDonald figure to feature the face of Donald Trump, working to show the candidate as an angry corporate clown.