These Colorful Pokéburgers Cater to Pokémon GO Enthusiasts

 - Aug 23, 2016
References: instagram & metro
Capitalizing on the ongoing popularity of Pokémon GO, an Australian restaurant called Down-N-Out is creating colorful Pokéburgers that resemble the adorable cartoon creatures from the mobile game.

Down-N-Out is a burger shop located in Sydney, Australia, that pays homage to the American chain In-N-Out. The shop's latest creation is three brightly colored Pokéburgers that resemble popular Pokémon GO characters. For instance, there is a yellow Pikachu burger that features plenty of melted cheese and two singed tortilla chips for ears. There is also a Charmander burger that is made with bright orange Doritos.

With small business and retail giants such as Starbucks jumping on the Pokémon GO bandwagon, it is clear that fans are eager for products that give them new ways to enjoy the popular mobile game.