Kirby Jenner Includes Himself in Kendall's Fabulous Life

 - Jan 11, 2016
References: instagram & designtaxi
You know the Kardashians, you know Kendall and of course you know Kylie, but are you familiar with Kirby Jenner? If not yet, you soon will be. Kirby Jenner is the alias of the mastermind behind a hilarious Instagram account that includes him in some of her most iconic photos.

Expertly executed, Kirby Jenner looks like he's legitimately part of Kendall Jenner's life. That is, if she'd constantly include a dorky, moustached man in such high profile campaigns as Calvin Klein or her editorial with Justin Beiber. A playful concept, Kirby Jenner might ride the wave of her impressive pop cultural status, yet it also innocently comments on her unique lifestyle and career in general. With an impressive following himself, Kirby Jenner is fast becoming a cultural icon as well.

Image Credit: Instagram @kirbyjenner