This Laundry Print Ad for Lenor Spotlights Legendary Outfits from Film

 - Apr 12, 2016
References: coloribus
This set of laundry print advertisements from Procter & Gamble's Lenor brand recreates some of the most iconic outfits in film history to go along with a tagline that communicates: "It's more than laundry."

The clothing pieces are meant to be styled after the pieces worn by iconic characters like Holly Golightly of Breakfast at Tiffany's, Back to the Future's Marty McFly, Alex of A Clockwork Orange and Borat. Removed from a person, these are simply just pieces of clothes, but they also play a big part in defining their characters as we know them today.

Considering that advertisements for laundry products are usually less than thrilling, these laundry print ads from Lenor are clever to approach the importance of clothing through pop culture references.