These Depictions Showcase Disney Characters as Florida News Headlines

 - Feb 10, 2016
References: buzzfeed
Buzzfeed writers Charlotte Gomez and Chelsea Marshall recently put together a series of mugshot illustrations that creatively depict what it would be like if Disney princesses were the stars of far-fetch Florida news headlines. The result is a humorous amalgamation of comical situations leveraging the personalities the princesses are known for to make the situation that much more humorous.

The mug shots are an unusual portrayal of the cartoon princesses that are often known for their good doing and sweetly innocent nature. The mug shots showcase the princesses weeping or looking incredibly audacious along with witty captions inspired by ones seen in the news. For example, Sleeping Beauty is seen crying in her police shot with the caption, "Once upon a time, a princess named Aurora got some dust in her eye and went to use some eye drops."