'Period Piece' Explores the Evolution of Menstruation Over Time

 - Mar 18, 2016
References: youtube & bustle
'Period Piece' is a female-targeted webseries that travels back in time to explore how women have handled menstruation at different points in history. All of the episodes take the form of comedic skits that are less than five minutes in length and follow the theme of: "women in different periods of history... having their periods." Rather than being purely educational and entirely historically accurate, the series gives humorous snapshot of life in each era.

Episode two is set in Victorian England and features two prim and proper women sitting together for tea. Their conversation is quite stiff and cordial before one woman breaks and says: "Dude, my f**king cramps, man." Just when viewers think that the buttoned-up character has become undone, she quickly returns to her formal self by chastising her companion, noting how improper it is for her ankles to be showing.

Other episodes in the series explore 18th century France, Colonial America, Biblical Times and the 1920s, as well as times of today, all in no particular order.