The 'Broga Book' Helps Young Men Achieve Mindfulness

 - Feb 5, 2016
References: amazon
The 'Broga Book' by conceptual artist Hannah Rothstein is a yoga guide for young men. While some men think that yoga doesn't jive with their carefully crafted bro image, this book seeks to prove just how powerful a mid-day stretch can be.

The Broga Book, which is due out this June, is a yoga guide for young bros who are interested in achieving mindfulness. The book details many basic yoga poses with a humorous, bro-inspired twist. Poses such as the Manchild and the Reverse Weekend Warrior are designed to provide a lighthearted introduction to the ancient practice. As the book's description reads: " this is a roadmap to extra-sensory dude-ception, a state of mind in which one lives by the four facets of the bro-being: sports & fitness, partying, girls, and living large."