Si Bennett's Song and Video Only Use the Sounds from a Leaky Faucet

 - Jul 22, 2016
References: vimeo & sploid.gizmodo
Constantly falling water droplets are considered a particularly bothersome for some, but for Si Bennett, a leaky faucet presented a creative opportunity. When the musician and video-maker noticed his leaky faucet created a natural beat, he got inventive and started to listen to the noises it would make when falling on different kitchen objects. Before long, his song and video 'Drip Drop' hit the internet.

'Drip Drop' intercuts images of droplets falling on different kitchen implements, like a plate, a baking pan, a cup full of water, and even an interesting balloon and wine glass contraption. When these sounds are laced together quickly enough, they merge to create a weirdly catchy, industrial-sounding techno beat that, if viewers closed their eyes, would surely sound like it was made using computer noises. But the evidence is readily seen, as Si Bennett shows on-screen how each of the sounds are made.

The video shows that not all music necessarily needs to be made with expensive electronic machinery -- sometimes all it takes is a leaky faucet and an unavailable plumber.