Mike Buonaiuto's Trailer Shows What Films Would Be Like with LGBT Leads

 - Jun 1, 2016
References: shapehistory & mashable
Just in time for Pride month, director Mike Buonaiuto produced a trailer that shows films with their authentic LGBT superheroes. As the trailer explains, "Iceman, Mystique and Catwoman are LGBT in the comic books, but appear as straight on screen," the video says. "So, we imagined a story where all superheroes could be portrayed accurately."

The trailer follows a series of LGBT superheroes in order to show Hollywood filmmakers how it's done, letting them know that undermining or changing the sexuality of LGBT characters for the big screen isn't going unnoticed. In an interview with Mashable, Mike Buonaiuto said that he lacked positive figures in the media that he could look up to when growing up, which affected his confidence and made it more difficult to come out. He hopes to change this by showing DC studios and Marvel that changing the sexuality of its characters is damaging and needs to be put to an end.

He will do this by sending both the trailer and analytics to make clear the support behind the movement. You can show your support by using the hashtag '#LGBTSuperheroes' and sharing the trailer.