MMD Satoshi Uses Open Freeware to Create Pokemon Dance Videos

 - Aug 24, 2016
References: youtube & theverge
YouTuber MMD Satoshi knows that the only thing people like more than Pokemon is Pokemon dancing in unison with one another. The Thai artist has created a system for creating viral animated videos in which Pokemon, or many other cartoon characters, dance with one another in elaborate shows of choreography.

MMD Satoshi created the system in two steps. First, the animation artist used programs like Metasequoia and PmxEditor to build 3D renderings of famous cartoon avatars such as Pokemon, Zootopia animals, and various anime characters. Those animations can then be "taught" to dance with Miku Miku Dance, a piece of freeware that can program dance moves for 3D animations.

The Miku Miku Dance program was originally created for Hatsune Miku, the Japanese virtual pop icon, hence its intricate programming.