Mitch Boyer Made a Photo-Edited Book of His Dog to Help Kids Adjust

 - Jun 23, 2016
References: boredpanda & kickstarter
Mitch Boyer has gained a lot of attention for his edited photos of his lovable Dachshund named Vivian. He started Photoshopping the small dog in order to make her appear as large as her personality -- making for a photo series that makes Mitch Boyer seem like the owner of a dog that stands taller than him on all four legs.

His collection includes everything from Vivian and himself relaxing on the couch to taking selfies together outside of tourist attractions. In addition to capturing Vivian's immense personality, Mitch Boyer's edits make clear her importance in his life -- with the Dachshund having moved with him to a total of 10 different apartments in five different cities.

In order to help children in the way that Vivian helped him, Mitch Boyer is now creating a photo-illustrated book titled 'Vivian the Dog Moves to Brooklyn' that will aid in them in dealing with big adjustments. He was inspired by his own difficulty in moving constantly as a child, leading him to translate his feelings to Vivian's character in the book who feels out of place as the only giant dog in the city.