'Toddlers Kill' Considers the Dangers of Firearm Ownership in the US

 - Oct 24, 2016
References: youtube & adweek
For the Brady Campaign to prevent gun violence, advertising agency McCann New York created 'Toddlers Kill,' a satirical commercial that speaks to a very serious topic and the lack of action that's being taken over it.

To drive this message, it shows a variety of news stories where a young child accidentally shoots a member of their family due to a firearm being left out at home. By speaking to the idea that many in support of the Second Amendment are unwilling to give up their firearms, Toddlers Kill suggests that children need to be locked up instead.

With this, it plays on a pro-gun argument that's often used, but replaces the phrases with "Guns don't kill people, toddlers do." In satirically depicting toddlers as the perpetrators of armed violence, the Brady Campaign and McCann New York show that people are much more likely to be accidentally shot in their homes than they are to be protected by their weapons.