'GVA Dictator Alert' Tweets When Dictators Fly into Geneva

 - Oct 13, 2016
References: twitter & theverge
GVA Dictator Alert is a Twitter bot that only tweets when dictators' planes enter or exit the Geneva Airport, which is known by its airport code as GVA. The alert was created by a freelance investigative journalist named Francois Pilet, and it is meant to increase the transparency of potentially immoral business dealings.

The choice of Geneva for the GVA Dictator Alert is far from random. As many pop culture films and shows have rightly shown, Swiss banks are a common place for laundering money and evading taxes. And while Geneva is also home to the United Nations' central office, making it a legitimate place for many dictators to be, the bot may ultimately be able to suss out flight patterns that indicate more suspicious activity.

GVA Dictator Alert currently monitors the official planes of 20 authoritarian governments around the world.