The Homeland Emmy Awards Success is an Inspiration to Army Design

 - Sep 24, 2012
The Homeland Emmy Awards win is all the rage with the series taking home four awards from the Emmy Awards 2012 show. The intriguing life of a marine who is suspected of being a part of a terrorist operation captivates many viewers with its intriguing plot and dynamic cast.

Furthermore, the army, with all its military garb and camouflage, is an an interesting place for inspiration when it comes to design. The regimented and strict lives of soldiers leaves little to no space for self-expression. When in the field of battle, clothing becomes a means of staying alive and shielding one's self from danger. Outside of the battlefield in the world of fashion, it is another story. Fashion designers love to tweak military apparel to create new and highly infectious designs out of customary uniforms.

These military fashion designs and captures are dedicated to the growing success of the Homeland Emmy Awards phenomenon that had two of its actors, Claire Danes and Damien Lewis, win two of the awards.