This Website Provides Information About Online Harassment

 - Feb 16, 2016
References: wmcspeechproject & bustle
The 'Women’s Media Center Speech Project' is a new platform that provides information about online harassment and support for dealing with cyber bullies. The website is designed as a resource for young women who are increasingly the target of nasty comments, gendered slurs and other forms of online abuse.

The Women’s Media Center Speech Project was developed by actress Ashley Judd and writer Soraya Chemaly as a way to combat growing instances of online harassment. The website not only provides information and tips for dealing with online abuse, but it also offers support for those seeking legal recourse. The goal is to not only help individual women combat cyber bullying, but also to challenge the broader social norms that lead to the targeting of women online. As Chemaly explains, "I think we need to be paying attention to the ways in which the culture has a predisposition to silence women who are challenging the status quo."