This Prismatic Art Piece is a Reflection of Love and the Heart

 - Aug 10, 2016
References: southbankcentre &
Created by New York-based studio 'SOFTLab,' 'Ventricle' is the name of a beautiful heart-inspired art installation commissioned by the Southbank Centre in London. As the the name suggests, the piece is tied to the concept of love and was specifically created for the 'Festival of Love.' The prismatic two-part installation drips down from the ceiling of the 'Royal Festival Hall' to further symbolize the hanging gardens of Babylon, in reference to cultures and languages, and of Eden, a land of free expression.

The studio compared the artwork to 'the weaving of the many cultures found in London and around the world." and described Ventricle as a "reflection on the idea that working together through love and by embracing our differences leads to unimaginably wonderful results."

The beautiful iridescent heart-inspired piece would delight anyone who enters the Royal Festival Hall.