The 'Sex Dust' By Moon Juice Naturally Boosts Libido

 - Sep 8, 2016
References: moonjuiceshop & shop.goop
There are many products consumers can seek out to boost one's libido, but for those seeking an all-natural alternative the 'Sex Dust' by Moon Juice is an aphrodisiac supplement made from plants. The product comes in an innovative powdered form and can be added to foods and beverages to stimulate the body.

The 'Sex Dust' is designed for both men and women to use and it contains ancient plant-based products that have been known to increase libido. These include plants such as cacao, ho shou wu and maca that organically help facilitate vitality, energy and vigor. The powder offers no side effects thanks to its use of natural ingredients.

It is instructed that the powder is added to hot or cold drinks such as teas, milks and juices and consumed prior to intended use.