The 'LVL' Wearable Device Keeps Track of Hydration Levels and More

 - Sep 15, 2016
References: kickstarter & geeky-gadgets
Many consumers are in need of sophisticated ways to maintain good health, so the 'LVL' wearable device looks to track one's hydration level and much more.

Available now for preorder on Kickstarter, the 'LVL' wearable keeps track of the wearers heart rate, activity levels, mood, how well they're sleeping and even how many calories they have burned. This enables users to make better choices by analyzing the data and keeping track of their daily progress.

On the screen of the 'LVL' device, the unit shows a flowing blue indicator that pertains to the wearers hydration level. This enables wearers to instantly know if they should be upping their water intake or if they are at an optimal level for their level of activity and daily hydration requirements.