The 'MINI' Air Cleaning System Connects Wirelessly to Other Units

 - Sep 23, 2016
References: yankodesign
Air cleaning systems are usually installed into HVAC systems to provide home air purification capabilities, but the 'MINI' air purifier system takes a more customized approach. Multiple units can be used with the 'MINI' system and placed in various rooms throughout the home; the devices can then work together to offer comprehensive information behind air cleanliness.

Designed by Dongwook Yoon, the 'MINI' air purifier system can be controlled remotely via a smartphone and can provide real-time air quality monitoring data for users to make use of.

With a vast number of consumers moving into urban locations and many worrying about air quality, new technologies are being developed to help offer an in-home solution. The 'MINI' air cleaning system identifies a number of features that consumers are on the lookout for including smartphone connectivity and access to immersive data.