The Brach's Fall Brunch Favorites Are Sweets With Breakfast Food Tastes

 - Sep 9, 2016
References: & foodiggity
Brach's is a confectionery brand available exclusively through Target that offers an array of fall sweets, and the Brunch Favorites variety creatively tastes like popular breakfast foods.

The sweets look like candy corn that is often seen in abundance during the fall season in anticipation for Halloween, except that the Brunch Favorites variety creatively replaces the fruit taste with breakfast dishes. The meals are specifically sweet options including foods such as french toast, waffles with fruit compote and chocolate and chip pancakes. The candy corn is creatively colored to realy the different ingredient flavors. For example, the chocolate and chips candy corn has dark brown, cream and light brown layers that stand for the maple syrup, pancake batter and chocolate chips.

Each bag contains a mix of breakfast food flavors for added variety.