From VR Taco Promotions to Immersive Horror-Themed Aquariums

 - Oct 29, 2016
As these October 2016 brand activations show, companies are seeking out fresh ways to bolster consumer interest. While pop-up shops are always an effective way to drive attention for a specific product, clothing line or company venture, many are opting for large scale events that draw out huge crowds instead.

In order to promote her new bedding line, Martha Stewart is joining with the Hudson's Bay in Toronto. Those who attend will have the chance to get a book signed by the celebrity homemaker, however they're only eligible if they spend $60 or more on her products first. In another celebrity case that's included in these October 2016 brand activations, Drake took to Instagram to tell his followers about the launch of his new gentlemen's club -- which he claims will spotlight female dancers in a way never before seen.