From Motion-Tracking Billboards to Digital Dialogue Contests

 - Oct 29, 2016
As a means to get more consumers on board with its product, service or message, companies are thinking up innovative ways to make its name stick -- this being something that stays constant in this collective of October 2016 interactive ideas.

In a partnership with the Miami Ad School, Toronto Public Health launched a competition to design a new condom wrapper between current students and recent grads. With the grand prize being either a paid scholarship or $9,000 in courses, those hoping to further their careers in advertising and design were granted a great opportunity.

In another effort that's included in these October 2016 interactive ideas, newspaper Peru 21 worked with ad agency McCann Lima to transform its front and back pages to function as signs. Used to protest for women's rights and bring more exposure to issues regarding violence against women, the signs were made for the country's first major rally of its kind.