Google's Shop the Look Uses Fashion Blogs to Streamline Shopping

 - Sep 6, 2016
References: adwords.googleblog & techcrunch
Google's new 'shop the look' system incorporates the company's ubiquitous AdWords platform to better reflect the real ways in which consumers shop for clothing online.

According to market research, 90 percent of smartphone shoppers don't have a specific brand in mind when they begin shopping, and nearly half of Americans consult blogs for shopping ideas. AdWords simply gives users ads from whichever company they may have searched in the past, ignoring these above facts. The new shop the look system incorporates blogging into its algorithm, increasing the likelihood of users finding what they want.

Like a standard AdWords campaign, shop the look works through search terms. However, rather than just pitching ads, shop the look suggests pages from major fashion blogs. Users can then click on whichever blog image they find most appealing, and the system then brings the user to the product pages for those clothing items.