'Fueling Possibilities' Gives Free Gas for Positive Social Media

 - Sep 15, 2016
References: findnewroads & arstechnica
Chevrolet and IBM's Watson program have partnered for a new advertising campaign called 'Fueling Possibilities.' The campaign, which comprises a TV spot and an online test, is all about encouraging people to be more positive with their social media personas. Using Watson's deep learning, the 'Chevrolet Global Positivity System' analyzes social media accounts to give people an assessment of their social media positivity.

The system assesses Facebook and Twitter accounts and gives people a positivity score out of 200. The average score is 120, according to the site. This positivity system is more than an interesting personality assessment, however. The Fueling Possibilities ad shows Chevy rewarding people for high scoring positivity by giving them free gas at stations around the world, with more gas being rewarded for better positivity scores.