This Interactive Game Spells Out the Plight Of Antarctica's Penguins

 - Aug 24, 2016
References: iceflowsgame & newatlas
A group of scientists working out of the University of Exeter in England have developed an innovative interactive game app, dubbed Ice Flows, that is designed to teach people about the impact of changes to the Antarctic Ice Sheet on the penguins of Antarctica.

The game requires players to keep tabs on snowfall levels and sea temperature in order to create a habitat capable of sustaining Antarctic penguins. For example, players can melt away the ice so that penguins can access fish in the sea. Every player decision affects the ice sheet and, in turn, the penguins.

Ultimately, this interactive game helps people visualize the environmental challenges being faced by a part of the world that we rarely see and hear from, and helps people understand the complexity of ice sheet behavior and their importance to penguins.