This University Incorporated Pokémon GO into Its Campus Tours

Washington State University (WSU) Tri-Cities recently incorporated Pokémon GO into its campus tours as a way to improve engagement among prospective students. Not only does the new initiative add an digital element to the tour, but it also captures the attention of youth who might otherwise see Universities as out of touch with the current generation of students.

The Pokémon GO-integrated tours will be available for the university's north Richland campus, which is situated along the Columbia River. In addition to a tour of the campus' many facilities, prospective students will also be able to visit 15 different Pokéstops and two of the school's designated Pokémon gyms. The university is even adding extra time to its tours in order to give visitors time to explore the campus in search of the virtual creatures.

By incorporating Pokémon GO into its campus tours, WSU Tri-Cities demonstrates how post-secondary institutions can connect with a new generation of students.